Aura Band Launch and 2BKaribbean

A New ‘Aura’ is Taking Over Atlanta Carnival || A.C.E. Event Review


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Top 5 Exotic Caribbean Foods


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Burning Momo and 2bkaribbean

Why does Curacao Carnival Burn down Momo and all Reminders of the Festival?

The history of carnival in Curacao dates back to the nineteenth century. The festival is generally attributed to the Christian practice of ‘Carne Levale’ which relates to the practice of…

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Steelpan and 2bkaribbean 7

How did Steelpan Music Surpass All Others to Claim this Prize of the 20th century?

The steelpan was invented in Trinidad and Tobago and is widely regarded as the only major musical instrument to be invented in the 20th century. WHAT IS THE STEELPAN? The…

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Trinbagonian and Bajan personalities also make their voices heard

Caribbean Women Raise the Ante at the Great Women’s March

On January 20th, the 45th President of the United States was sworn in. This was followed swiftly by one of the largest protests, if not the largest, in history when…

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Nanny of the Maroons and 2Bkaribbean

How did the Maroons Secret Lifestyle convert to one of the Biggest Festivals in Jamaica?

In 1739 runaway Maroon slaves signed a peace treaty with the British to gain semi-sovereignty over this region. It is known as being its own independent city within the island…

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